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The best priced Computer Aided Engineering services available 

Express Cad offer fast & professional Computer Aided Engineering Services.
Working with industry leaders across many engineering sectors.
Whether you are a small business/individual or a large enterprise, we can provide the Computer Aided Engineering services you require.

CAD  -  CAM  -  FEA

  • High performance computers
  • State of the art Engineering software
  • Highly qualified & experienced
  • Low overheads
  • Best value
  • Flexible

Services Include:
  • 2D draughting & detailing
  • 3D part, assembly & system design
  • 3D Finite Element Analysis & geometry optimisation of parts & assemblies
  • 3D rendering images - ideal for marketing, brochures & presentations
  • Updates, alterations & improvements to existing designs, drawings & products
  • Paper to CAD conversions - quickly convert your drawings into editable digital masters
  • Clear technical drawings incl. manufacturing, exploded assembly & bill of materials
  • Technical engineering support/advice
  • Supplier sourcing for prototypes/full production
  • 3 Axis CNC VMC programming - incl. high speed
  • NC file editing, verification & optimisation - fast, efficient machining & low tool wear

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1 We will beat any genuine, comparable project quotation from any other UK based CAD-CAM services company.
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